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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jay and Staci Come to Shanghai (Part 3)

So on Wednesday Bob had to go to more meetings and other boring things.  Jay, Staci and I did something ridiculous and went to Pizza Hut for lunch, that's right, we went to the Hut.  In China it's almost like fine dining, and it's so weird because they don't have bread sticks.  That baffles me, how is there a Pizza Hut with out bread sticks.  We had issues ordering our pizza, we thought we had ordered a pizza with a bunch of different toppings and we ended up with a cheese pizza with cheesy crust, which was awesome, but we had wanted some toppings.

After Pizza Hut we went in search of a department store called Muji, because Jay and Staci love the comforters  on our guest bed.  Sadly when we got there the Muji was no where to be seen, so we looked around for a Happy Lemon Bubble Tea place but there weren't any over by where we were, it was very disappointing.  By this time Bob had headed home and was taking a nap so we headed back to also take a little afternoon siesta.

We decided because we were going to be leaving for Beijing the next day to call it a night in, so we ordered delish butter chicken tikka masala from Nepali kitchen along with the cheese balls that I'm going to miss terribly when we leave.  We caught up on bad tv and went to bed pretty early.  I know, we were boring. :)


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