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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back in SF!

Bob and I arrived back in San Francisco on Monday, February 21st, our 8th month anniversary, it was the longest day of our lives.  We got into SFO at around 9:30pm and caught a cab to the St. Regis downtown, swanky- I know.  After checking in all of our giganticly over packed four suitcases, along with our backpacks and laptop bags we changed our clothes and headed out for the evening.  Where did we go?  Shotwells of course!  Unfortunately we forgot it was a holiday so there was no pub quiz.  We stayed for a beer or two and then headed out into the Mission looking for a snack.  As we were walking along Mission Street Bob actually said, "I can't believe how good it smells, and we're in the Mission."  (The Mission is like the ghetto of San Francisco, not like the Tenderloin, the crack-hood of San Francisco.)

We ended up at 19th and Mission at Taqueria CanCun and shared a large super carne asada quesadilla.  It was DELICIOUS!  Like melt in your mouth delicious, lick your fingers to make sure you get everything delicious.  Needless to say, it was everything a girl could hope for and more at midnight after having lived in Shanghai China for the last 7 months with out real Mexican food.  It was $14.77 for everything so it was a little sad that we are no longer in the land of cheap eats, but I think we'll get over it.  We each had a "Mexican" beer and savored the flavors of awesomeness while we considered our options for what we would do next, as the night was still young.

IMG 1361

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We ended up going to Thieves Tavern, because we thought we might find people we know there.  Bob did see a friend who works at the place, and he treated us to a couple of beers.  I also noticed a strange mustache trend going on in the bar.  Apparently while we were gone dastardly mustaches became the new Mission Hipster thing to have.  I kind of like the trend.  I'm talking about the kind of mustaches where you use some kind of wax to curl up the ends and you look like you're going to either tie a girl to the railroad tracks or you're going to stroke it while you laugh maliciously about an evil plan.  I'm hoping that nice three piece suits will come into style with these mustaches so that we have a bunch of people right out of the Wild west running around, maybe with long dusters and and spurs.  I'm kind of excited.  Anyway, we ended up closing down the bar and then headed back to the St. Regis.

We had an amazing room at the St. Regis, on the 18th floor, in a corner suit.  We got a super awesome upgrade because Bob belongs to some kind of fancy club.  We had views of Yerba Buena Garden and the Moscone Center.  Everything in the room could be controlled by a little LCD panel next to the bed, i felt like we were in Star Trek.  I'm talking everything, lights, heat, the blinds, the black out blinds and all the phone stuff was also available on the LCD panel.  If only there had been a tele-porter to beam me up.  I hopped in the shower and Bob promptly fell asleep, until about 5:30am when we both got up because apparently that's what we do now.  I'm serious, we're still waking up at ridiculous hours and we've been back over a week.

We went to work ALL day, be amazed, be very amazed.  We were there from roughly 8am until 6pm.  We had yummy bagels for breakfast from Katz Bagels.  It was heavenly, we each had an everything bagel with cream cheese and slices of tomato, and it tasted just the way I remembered.  Bagels in China were more bread-like and less yummy, so it was a little sad.  But hoorays for real bagels again!  I didn't take a picture, I was too excited and gobbled my bagel down.

During the week we focused on finding a place to live temporarily while we figure out what we're going to buy.  We found an awesome little vacation rental in the Castro that's furnished and perfect for us.  We didn't want to haul everything we own out of storage until we know where we're going to be living so this place is great for right now.  We're really in the heart of everything, and right around the corner from Harvey's, which I love.  There's also a 24 hour Walgreens, and a Starbucks, could a gal ask for more?

I've got to organize my thoughts for the next few posts because Bob has been sick and then I got sick and FGS happened and I've been unpacking....anyway, the point is there is more on the way.

We're happy to be home.  Love and kisses,

Margaret and Bob