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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hang Gliding

IMG 3452

Bob and I were invited by our friends Fred and Jo to go hang-gliding down in Hollister, CA.  We of course said yes, and we had so much fun that we immediately purchased five more flights each so we could continue to fly.  I'd been para-gliding before but hang-gliding is much more comfortable and enjoyable for a beginner.  (At least in my opinion.)  That's not to say that I didn't enjoy my para-gliding experience because I did.  But hang-gliding is definitely the better choice for me.






IMG 3453

We've used the company Mission Soaring for our lessons, and we've had Mike as our instructor both times. Mike is awesome, I cannot say enough amazing things about him. He's a great teacher, and great at helping you understand the movements of the glider and super encouraging and friendly. In other words, I heart Mike.

IMG 3454

We took a bunch of videos of us flying on our first lesson. Not so many this second lesson because, while we were better there wasn't enough of a difference to really show off.

Here is my last flight of the day.



And Bob's last flight of the day.



Me at the end of the day after my pink hair had run all over me.

IMG 3460

Each lesson is 4 hours long, and there's a lot of moving around. You run down the hill to fly, and then you push the glider back up the hill to fly again. It's a great work out. If you're thinking about going make sure to slather on the sun screen and take lots of water with you. And then just have good time.

I'll leave you with my wipe out video. I didn't get hurt, and I'm happy that it happened earlier on in taking lessons rather than later. I feel like it's a pretty graceful wipe out.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Have I Been Up To

So, my New Year's resolution to keep up on my blog has only partially been realized, and obviously not on this blog.  I've been pretty good about updating BiCoastalBites, so there's that.

Anyway, let's get down to it, what have I been up to?  Lots of things!

Online Computer Classes - Thanks to my friend Amanda I discovered I could take a ton of different classes about computer programming online via Skillshare.  I took the HTML/CSS course and am now in the middle of a Javascript course.  I'm going to be a freakin' computer genius.  Really I signed up for these classes so that I can have more control over my blogs, and things I post online.  It's nice to kind of have a base for what's going on.  I'm working on a website to help market myself as a contractor for office work in the Bay Area.  Once my site is done I'll definitely let everyone know.

Cooking Classes - I discovered an awesome new cooking school in San Francisco that offers fun beginner courses, SF Cooking School.  I'm loving it so far and anticipate signing up for more classes in the future.  You can read more about my experience at the cooking classes here.

Blorpy: My friend Emad started a fun site that shares real life stories, and he asked me to help find and post them.  So every day I look around online, reading people's comments and shared stories and then help filter them on Blorpy. 

Visitors - My sister, Melinda, and her friend, Joel, just came to visit for Melinda's 23rd birthday.  We made sure to drink too much, eat too much, and get lots of sleep.  In other words, we had a good time.  Bob and I took them up to Napa for wine tastings at Cuvaison and Domaine Carneros.  It was a gorgeous day for drinking wine and relaxing.

We also went to an Electric Six concert at The Independent.  This was my first concert at this venue, and I'm glad I saved myself for this concert in particular.  I had an absolutely fantastic time!  If you ever have the chance to see Electric Six in concert, do it!  

And on a sad note, my grandfather, Milton E. Wadsworth passed away on January 31st.  Everyone in the family knew it was coming but you can never prepare for the death of someone you love.  I was able to make it home for the funeral and it was really great to be surrounded by the family and share our stories about Grandpa, and what an awesome and influential guy he was to all of us.  It also gave me a chance to really see all my cousins in a different light.  I'm related to so many talented and wonderful people and it's nice that we all have each other.

I'll try to keep up on this blog more often, especially because I have a big event coming up.  March 23rd marks my 30th birthday, and we're doing it up right with a big party!

Loves and kisses,


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - The End of 2012

We stayed home for both Christmas and New Years this year and it was really quite pleasant.  We missed our families, but we didn't miss crazy travelers and trying to figure out what to do with the dogs.

For Christmas Eve we joined Jay and Staci, and Jay's sisters family for a delicious dinner at Benihana.  That's right, we had teppenyaki for Christmas Eve and it was great.  Also, I had a very interesting but awesome experience whilst there.  Be warned that this story involves nudity, not my nudity, but some nudity.  THE STORY: As our table was being seated I excused myself to visit the ladies' room so I could spit out my gum.  I walked in and was greeted by two gals, one facing the mirror with her shirt up over her chest, no bra, boobs out to the world.  The friend of the half naked girl looked horrified and tried to cover up everything.  The girl baring it all to the world, turned to look at me (boobs still out) and said, "Aren't they great? I just had them done 3 months ago!"  I enthusiastically told her they looked great.  She then said, "Do you want to touch them?"  And you know what, I did, and they were fantastic!  END STORY.  Needless to say, it was a great Christmas Eve.

Margaret, Staci and Kim

After dinner, playing games!

 For Christmas we invited over Jay and Staci, and Jay's sister's family, as well as a couple of new arrivals to SF who were Christmas orphans.  It was a nice turn out and a fun evening.  I cooked a bacon wrapped pot roast and it came out awesome.  We played games and drank way into the night.  I loved having Christmas at my house!  I apparently had such a good Christmas that the only pictures I took that day were of my bacon wrapped port roast.

Pork loin

Bacon wrapped pork loin!!!!

For New Years our friends Maggie and Shad came up from Santa Barbara.  They stayed with us for the weekend before the new year and we stuffed our faces, drank too much and gossiped like old women.  In other words, it was a great time.

Margaret, Shad and Maggie

Downtown with Maggie and Shad at Union Square.

On actual New Years Bob and I decided we wanted to stay away from all the crazy people, so we got all dolled up and went to dinner at 5:30pm and were home by 7pm.  We barely made it to midnight but it was one of the most relaxing New Years I've ever had.

Merry Christmas from the Ippolito Family - Izzy, Margaret, Bob and Ramsey

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love and kisses,



Visiting the Families before Christmas 2012

After we visited NYC at the beginning of December, Bob and I took the train to Maryland to hang out with the Ippolito side of the family.  I love a good get together and had a wonderful time.  We hung out with both his Dad's side of the family and his Mom's side of the family.  There was of course lots of eating at both gatherings.  It was really nice to be able to visit during the holiday season but not have to deal with crazy travel.  Also, taking the train is always a good time.

Dad's Side of the Family

Ippolito Christmas

After we got back from the East coast I was able to make a quick trip back to SLC to visit my family.  Lucky for me they were a little late with the decorating so I got to help set up the Christmas tree.

Melinda and Margaret in their pjs decorating the tree.

Margaret, Mamacita and Melinda

I pursposely set up my little tree before our NYC trip so that everything would be nice and Christmasy when we got home.

My Christmas Tree

We all had a very Merry Christmas.  It was a great start to the Christmas and Holiday season.

Love and kisses,




Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The December 2012 NYC Trip

Right after Thanksgiving, and the crazy wine trip in November, Bob and I headed out to NYC for two whole weeks!  We ate our faces off, wandered about like tourists, saw a Broadway show and participated in abstract theater.  Here's our NYC trip, in pictures:

IMG 2227

We stayed in Brooklyn the first week and walked to DUMBO to see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.

IMG 2242

We bought matching furry hats at Brooklyn Industries because it was soooo cold!

IMG 2251

We discovered that Downtown Brooklyn is deserted after about 8pm.

IMG 2256

We played "tourist" in Times Square.

IMG 2263

I made friends with a giant nutcracker.

IMG 2278

We bought an awesome Margaret Morrison painting, called "Encounter."

IMG 2274

We went to the Brooklyn Flea Market.

IMG 2280

We visited the Wired store in SoHo.

IMG 2290

We attended a special fundraiser reading of the musical "Assassins." (w/ NPH)

IMG 2297

We visited the 911 Memorial, and it was beautiful.

IMG 2306

We rode the subway all over the place!

IMG 2322

We saw the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree.

IMG 2310

We participated in the interactive theater show "Sleep No More." (Super awesome!)

IMG 2314

We walked from Tribeca to the Theater District and saw the Empire State Building fogged in!

We had an absolutely wonderful time, despite it being super duper cold.  I'll have to put together a collection of the restaurants we visited and post them on BiCoastalBites.

Love and kisses,


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

This year I'm resolving to dress fancier for regular occasions, make better choices about what I'm eating, and update my blogs more regularly and with better tags.

A little bit about my choices:

1 - Dress fancier for regular occasions - Living in San Francisco is like permanently being in your college wardrobe.  Don't get me wrong, I really do love that I can throw on jeans and a t-shirt and it's the norm.  I am at heart a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, but sometimes I'm sad that I don't have special occasions that require me to put on a fancy outfit and strut my stuff.  I'm creating my own fancy events like "date night" or just going out to dinner in general.  This will be the year that I wear all the pretty dresses in my closet as well as my rockin' heels.

2 - Make better choices about what I'm eating - I thought about saying that I was going to lose weight, but really who am I kidding.  I love to eat.  So instead of constantly looking at the scale I'm going to look at my food.  I've always eaten a lot of vegetables but this year I want to incorporate more fruit and more normal sized portions of delicious delicious meats.  I will have balanced meals and not live on ice cream and pizza - even though I really want to.

3 - Update my blogs more regularly and with better tags - I fell behind this last year, and really the year before with my blog updates.  I guess I felt like normal life wasn't that exciting to write about.  I'm going to challenge myself to post at least once a week on both MargaretOnTheGo as well as BiCoastalBites.  I also want to make searching for old posts easier by including better tags. 

So there you have it, my New Year's Resolutions.  I started a little early by dressing up for NYE dinner:

IMG 2573

Let's see how well I do.

Love and kisses,