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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All We Do Is Eat!

Like I've mentioned in my food blog, I've started going into the office three times a week so I can focus more on week, because even though I love working from home, it's good to be in the office with other people.  I head into work in time to meet up with Bob and Eric for lunch, and I've insisted on us checking out all the places we can eat in the local food plaza area.  We've been doing a pretty good job, but I've insisted at eating at what I've come to call my favorite place, Master Kong's, every Monday.  Anyway on to the updates.

Last Wednesday (November-I can't believe it's already November-10th) we tried out this really yummy Korean fast food joint.  I'm not sure about what the name of the place was because the restaurant name was only in Korean but it had a really cute little logo of a bowl with a smilely face.  We had bibimbop, and for more information about the food you can check out my food blog here. (Click on the link and you'll go to BiCoastalBites.)  The food court is super convenient because it's right across the street from the Shanda Games Office, so we can hop over real fast and then get back to work.  Sometimes though, we work from the Shanda Online Office, which isn't as convenient but has a nicer office.  (Aka - If you have to use the bathroom you don't have to go outside and freeze your butt off.)

Oh but on the way to the office I discovered our building has a gym on the third floor.  Who knew?!  I certainly didn't.  It's a little tiny gym, and while it's unlikely that I'll actually use it, it's nice to know it's there.  It makes me wonder if we have a hidden pool in the building, which would be great.  I'll have to do some more exploring.


Back to work...I think people are getting crazy.  I had a gazillion support emails the other day, it turned out something was broken but still, people were up in arms like you would not believe.  We spent most of the day on work, because Bob also had a lot of stuff to do and he was helping me with the thing that was broken.  We ordered in from Boxing Cat Brewery and it was delish, pulled pork quesadillas are wonderful.  And I tried a salad with fried feta balls, it was really good.  After all the work that day we said "enough!" and called it a day.

The next day was a stay at home day for me, I try to get all our laundry done on my stay at home days.  I got online and started working on things and then I got....the black screen of death!  I was horrified!  I told Bob and he said that it was likely just a "kernel" issue, whatever that means, but told me I should back everything up.  So then I was horrified because I had recently changed all my passwords for extra protection and have been using a program called 1password to organize my passwords which means I can't remember half of them.  So I was trying to figure out how I'd remember all my passwords and then I had to worry about all my music and my pictures.  I'm still not done saving everything, but hopefully that'll be done soon.  It was scary though, here's what the black screen of death looks like on a Mac:


After all my worrying I decided I needed some air so I decided I'd walk down to my favorite burger place and enjoy the walk.  I also thought I'd use the opportunity to look for "natural arrows" because I told my friend Amanda that I'd help with this. And you would not believe how hard it is to find natural arrows, I though it would be easy, but unfortunately I didn't see a single arrow on the way to lunch, but here are some lovely pictures:




I enjoyed a lovely lunch on the patio of Gourmet Cafe and took Bob's ipad, which I have now made my ipad, so I could read my book.  He downloaded "The Chronicles of Solomon Kane" for me, and it's been pretty good so far.  The weather was perfect to sit out on the patio and enjoy an awesome burger.  Unfortunately the service was terrible but the food at Gourmet Cafe is always worth it.  (Check out the review at BiCoastalBites.)  After my yummy lunch I headed over to the mall to pick up a couple of things, I was particularly pleased to pick up a new pen holder for my desk, and a penguin shaped ice cube tray.


Now when I'm sitting at my desk at home I can look at my cute little pen holder pig and smile.  :)

More to come!

Loves and kisses,



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