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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Party like you're on the East Coast! (Cause we are.)

Bobicito and I are currently visiting our friend Casey in Portsmouth New Hampshire to celebrate her getting married and having a lovely little baby girl, Ruby.  We're staying at the Sheraton in town which is perfect because we can walk all around town very easily and visit all the fun little shops and cafes.  We flew into the Boston airport on Thursday night and then drove up to Portsmouth.  We rented a cute little Versa Nissan, just as an aside.

On our first morning we got up and worked a little bit then headed into town to find some coffee.  Casey told us to save room for doughnuts, so we made sure to stick with coffee to tide us over.  So there we are, walking into town to get coffee when we see a dude who looks just like my dad!  The guy was really nice and let me have my picture taken with him.  Check it out:

IMG 2362

We also visited the house of William Whipple, who was apparently one of the signers of the Declaration of independence.  Nice.  As you can see I'm pretty pumped about being there:

IMG 2359

Anyway, we met up with Casey and some of her friends and headed up to Kittery, Maine where we had a late breakfast/lunch at Congdon's.  I had a pretty delicious maple doughnut, and a rueben omelet.  Yes, you read that right, a rueben omelet.  It was good, although I which the omelet had been a little fluffier.  Bob had a lobster omelet which was also good.  The place is supposedly well known for all their doughnuts.  I liked mine but it was full of creme and not the yummy whipped kind.  It was the most sugary creme I've ever had, I had to push most of the creme out of the doughnut to really enjoy it.

After our breakfast we headed to Ogunquit to visit the Marginal Way.  Isn't that the most ridiculous name you've ever heard?  The Marginal Way is a walk way along the cliffs that's really scenic and nice.  The day was pretty windy but we went most of the way and checked out all the rocks and birds hanging out and having a good time.

Bob and I had a fun photo shoot as you can see:

IMG 2365

IMG 2366IMG 2367IMG 2370

On the walk back I got a picture of Bob with all the ladies:

IMG 2380

IMG 2369IMG 2373IMG 2374IMG 2375

We evening that night Bob and I headed into the town to enjoy some delish seafood at a place called "Surf."  You can read about the food and what we though on the BiCoastalBites Blog.

It was a great first day, and we've so far had a wonderful time.

Love and kisses,

Margaret and Bob