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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HighLights of 2013

This past year was pretty great.  So great that my blog posts went seriously downhill - as you can tell as the last post was in May.  

So let's do a highlights, shall we?

I turned 30! We had a "Rock Star" themed party at the DNA Lounge, and I insisted everyone dress up - obviously.  I went as Jem, which is why 9 months later my hair is still pink, craziness.  Bob went as Sid Vicious, he looked pretty great.

We went Hang Gliding a couple of times and loved it.

I visited Seattle for the first time.  Of course we went to the Space Needle.  

Bob and I got to tour NASA JPL down in Pasadena with Dan Goods.  It was amazing, we even got to see the Mars Rovers double!

I visited Portland for the first time!  

I went camping and didn't hate it!

We went to Las Vegas with Bob's parents and Aunt and Uncle.  AND we saw Meat Loaf! 

We went to Budapest and Krakow!

We went to NYC, and saw "Kinky Boots!"

We dressed up as Fiona and Finn from "Adventure Time" for Halloween.

We went to New Orleans!

I took about 10 really awesome and fun cooking classes with San Francisco Cooking School which leads me to...

I was accepted for the San Francisco Cooking School's Spring Semester Full-Time Culinary Program!!!!  I'm going to cooking school!

In less than a week I begin culinary school! I'm going to be mostly updating the BiCoastalBites blog because my life will be more food-centric, so if you wanna know what's going on check out BCB.

Happy New Year 2014!  Let's all have a blast!