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Friday, December 17, 2010

I should be working....

I'm sitting in our guest room/my office looking out the window (because as my dad would tell you I'm a window blocker) because my desk is pressed right up against the window so I can look out, and the day is gross and dreary and just makes me want to climb back into bed and snuggle with my teddy bear.  I can see about three streets away but then everything disappears into fog/smog and it's raining.  I hate going out when it's raining, mostly because of people who like to stand in the middle of the sidewalk with their umbrellas.  I have an umbrella but I like using my rain jacket instead because then I can "swim" through the sea of people with umbrellas, and push little old ladies out of my way.  Okay, so I don't push old ladies but I do push people, mostly because that's the culture here.

Anyway, I'm sitting here and I should be working on support, but I need a break because people are extra crazy and ridiculous today, so I'm taking a break and updating our lives.  We'll go back a week, as today is Monday  (December 13th) for me, and we have a new and exciting Pub Quiz tonight!  We love Pub Quiz night.

Okay, so back to last Monday....we had a yummy dinner at Zapata's because I was craving some Mexican food, and their enchiladas are decent, plus it's a


block away from the Bulldog Pub where the quiz is held.  We've been to Zapata's a few times but I don't want to over do it because I know it's not real Mexican and will just make me sad that I can't have a smothered burrito from La Puente in Salt Lake.  As usual it was good, not amazing but it was what I wanted.  We headed over to the Bulldog to take our regular table that we've claimed as our own for Pub Quiz.  We seem to always be some of the first people there, which is okay with me, but it's weird that it takes people so long to show up.  We discovered that the Pub Quiz was rated highly just recently by one of the Ex-Pat magazines so there are a bunch of extra teams that showed up, which is kind of annoying.  We've made friends with some people off of some of the other teams and we always chit chat with them to see what's up.  We thought we were doing pretty awesome on the Pub Quiz until we had to name flags, we're really bad at that game.  Really really bad. You'd think I'd be better but I'm not.  We did enjoy a new category that the Quizmaster started called "The Pyramid," which is just random questions but the 1st question has 6 answer, 2nd question has 5 answer, etc.  I was really pleased because the 3rd question was "Name the four US Presidents who were assassinated."  I was excited because I knew them all!  I had wished he'd also asked us who killed them because I know that too!  I felt quite pleased, mostly because I owe it all to the musical "Assassins," which if you aren't familiar with is pretty awesome, and educational.  (Lincoln, McKinley, Garfield and Kennedy were the Presidents, just in case you didn't know.)

We also failed miserably with the complete the lyrics round as they were all Spice Girl's songs.  :P  And I was amazing again with the Guess Who/What category, and if Bob would just let me guess sometimes I think it would be better, but I understand his hesitation as we didn't know for sure.  The person was Darwin, and I guessed on the 3rd or 4th clue, but we didn't turn it in until the 6th when we were positive.  We should have learned our lesson from when I was right about the Rosetta Stone.  The final jeopardy round of the night was a sports question, it was "Who did Muhammad Ali fight in the Thriller in Manilla?" Unfortunately I only know he fought George Forman in the "Rumble in the Jungle."  So we missed that.  Oh well, we're still holding strong in 4th place thanks to Jay starting us off!  And our friends are on the lead team so if they win we still get to go to a Christmas Party!

After the Quiz was over we hung out with the Quiz Master and our new friends until way to early in the morning, and we drank more than we should have for a Monday night.  I'm pretty sure when I got up the next morning I was still tipsy.


The next day I went to the grocery store and stocked up on stuff to make dinner at home and let me tell you I did some awesome cooking this last week.  I was quite pleased with how everything turned out.  On Tuesday night I made a Thai Stir-Fry (click on the link to go to the Food Blog)with Shrimp, zucchini, yellow squash, red/yellow peppers, carrots, snap peas, spicy peppers, mushrooms, garlic and onions.  It was soooo good.

I don't remember why I didn't go into the office on Wednesday....I was going to, but I think maybe I was cleaning?  It seems possible, although looking at the house now I'm not positive that was the reason.  Our house is continually disorganized.  I blame the lack of closets where I could hide things.  Anyway, typical work day, and for dinner I made delicious Mexican Stir-Fry, yes that's right, and it was delicious!  I haven't done a write up for it yet, but it also was a one wok dish and I'll put up pictures and instructions for recreating this yumminess on the Food Blog soon.  SOOOON.  Okay, probably after I'm done with this post.

So Thursday was going to be awesome because our Pub Quiz friends had told us that the Sushi Place near the pub was celebrating their 4th Birthday that night and they were doing a special where you could pay 100RMB ($16USD) for all you could eat and drink.  Ah, that's what I was doing on Wednesday.  Now I remember I had to go pick up our tickets, and had lunch down town out on a nice patio, it was lovely.  Anyway, we were a little late getting to Haiku (the sushi place) and there was a huge line.  We stood in line for an hour and then someone from the restaurant came out and said they would only be able to let 50 more people in, even though we probably would have gotten in, we gave up and got a refund and headed over to the Pub for dinner instead and to check out the Thursday night quiz.


I'm actually glad we ended up at the Pub because we had really good gorgonzola schnitzel with spinach spatzle.  It was really good, and our Pub Friends showed up afterward because Mark, one of our friends, had seen us outside.  They'd gotten to Haiku earlier and were able to enjoy the stuff.  We combined our teams and had a good time with the Thursday pub quiz.  It was terrible, especially in comparison to the Monday night quiz.  We know better than to participate again.

Friday Bob had a lunch meeting so I again stayed home but for dinner we had a delicious one wok curry dish with chicken.  Yes, I cooked three times this week.  :)  I feel quite pleased.  I just realized that all the pictures in this post so far are of food.  I think I might be obsessed.

We stayed in on Friday night because Bob had to finish up his talk for his presentation the next day at Top Geek!  He was presenting the story of Mochi, which I was pretty excited about.  He was up until 6am-ish which is horrible, especially when he got up at 9am to finish working.  While he was working I went out and picked up coffee and snacks.  Luckily the conference was just around the corner from our place so it was easy to get to.  Bob was also the first to speak which was awesome.  His talk was lots of fun and completely different from the tech talks he gives.

We were lazy on Sunday because Bob was still recovering from all the fun and excitement of the day before, so we ordered in a pizza for dinner and had a nice warm night at home.



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