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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Procrastination, Snow in Shanghai, and just random musings of the day.

I know I've been terrible and I have not properly updated the blog for quite some time.  In fact every time I open my iphoto application I'm reminded that I have yet to tell everyone about all the Mochi's coming to visit for the Board Meeting, which means that I haven't gotten to describe Bob's and my first Christmas.  (Well, first Christmas we've been married, it matters to me.)  And then on top of all that updating I need to include that Jay and Staci have come to visit, and now Staci has there's a lot of catching up to do.  This, is not the catch up blog, this is the.....bah, it's snowing, the support queue is ridiculous and my house is a mess blog post.


This is a snowy view from our balcony.  It's pretty, but makes me want to stay inside.

It's been snowing in Shanghai for the last couple of days.  The city looks nice covered in snow but it makes me want to stay inside and be lazy.  In other words, actually getting work done has been very difficult for me as I just want to lounge around and eat bon-bons and strawberries, sadly this is not an option.  We discovered just the other day, well I discovered, that having our washer and dryer out side on our balcony truly sucks.  I went out to start a load of socks and what not and the water was frozen in the hose, this was sad as I'd been avoiding doing laundry for a little while.  Don't worry we have not run out of underwear or socks, as the hose managed to thaw and defrost before the end of the day.  Because of this new finding we have signed up for a laundry service that picks up our clothes from our apartment and brings it back to us the next day.  This is awesome, sadly they will only wash our clothes, so I still have to fight our washing machine to wash towels and sheets.  Oh well, the clothes thing will be super helpful, in fact we had our first pick up this morning, I am very excited.  I don't mind doing laundry, but I don't want to fight the washing machine to actually get the laundry done.  That and it takes roughly 4 hours to do one load of laundry completely which is weird.  On an up note, I found dryer sheets finally!  Hoorays!!!!




From left to right: Photo looking out from my balcony, a view of our building, and my fabulous washer and dryer.


I had to go to the grocery store today because we're actually eating at home tonight.  I thought about ditching the cooking at home idea mostly because I didn't want to go out in the cold, but then the thought of ordering food and potentially waiting 3 hours for it to arrive because of the weather changed my mind and I bundled myself up.  It's actually not that cold outside today, it's just snowing which is okay.  I guess I'd rather it snow than rain, at least I don't have to carry an umbrella when it snows.  I bundled up into my many layers of clothes.  I have these new awesome leg warmers that go past the knee and are super warm and I love them and practically wear them every day.  (I have two pairs because they're so awesome.  And Staci got some too.)  I seriously get up and put on my yellow tights, knee high socks, my leg warmers and then my jeans along with an undershirt, a long sleeved shirt, one of my sweaters and then my jacket.  Then add my scarf, hat/earmuffs, and gloves.  I'm very very colorful.  Anyway, I bundled up, emptied out my laptop backpack for the groceries, queued up the ipod and headed out into the snow towards the metro station.  I wore my fox hat today so I had twice as many stares as usual.  We're going to have one of my One Wok Specials tonight.  I forgot to pick up zucchini'll still be good, I just will miss the zucchini as it's my favorite veggie.



Again, from left to right: a snow man which was, outside of this fruit market stand, and a picture of the bike repair shot that insists on blocking the sidewalk making all pedestrians walk in the road.  The guy at the bike shop yelled at me for taking a picture and I smiled and said "You can't do anything, and took another."  I'm pretty sure he had no idea what I was saying which makes me feel even better.

After arriving at the grocery store it dawned on me that I hadn't eaten lunch yet.  It's always a bad idea to shop on an empty tummy but I was able to restrain myself and only got a few extra things.  I did pick up some sushi for lunch because the grocery store I was at has excellent take away sushi.  Bob, and my sister Melinda, have both made me realize I actually like some forms of fish that are not from a can labeled "chicken of the sea."  I picked up some salmon sashimi, or whatever the special name is for the fish on top of rice rather than rolled in rice dish.  And to go with it, not that it really does, I decided to try the Matcha Milk Tea from Happy Lemon.  I suggest the Matcha Milk Tea, it's creamy and not too hot, plus it was only 10RMB, so about $2USD.  NICE.




To the left is my cup of Matcha Milk Tea, and to the right is my sushi snack lunch.  Both were wonderful, thank you for asking.

The wasabi that comes with the sushi is a little weird though, it has the consistency of runny guacamole, but tastes fine.  Not as spicy as I'd like but pretty good for store bought sushi.






I headed home with my backpack full of groceries, and my wonderful Matcha Milk Tea.  By the time I got home I was able to switch out the load of laundry, and start some towels.  Now if I could just get myself motivated to actually do my job, and clean the house.....

Loves and kisses,




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