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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Jay and Staci Adventure...the final chapter!



After our crazy night out of fun and excitement Staci and I slept in and then wandered over to Mr. Pancake for some excellent  breakfast.  The place is pretty close to the apartment so we took a nice lazy walk over and enjoyed some french toast and eggs.  Yes, neither of those are pancakes but it was still very good.  We then headed back downtown to Xintandi where we had gone before and purchased our awesome leg warmers.  We bought more leg warmers because they're awesome, and I got some really pretty earrings.  We did some shopping about, and knew we'd be meeting up with Bob and Jay later for dinner, and I wanted to make sure that Staci got the awesome view of the Bund that we like to share with everyone.  Bob and I like to take everyone who comes to visit to this place called New Heights because it has such an amazing view of the lights at night.  So Staci and I went to New Heights but rather than staying there, we ended up at this cute little wine bar that had just opened up in the same building.  The wine bar is called House of Wine, H.O.W. for short, and the wine list was pretty awesome and had variety of flavors and prices.  We each enjoyed a glass of wine and we shared the cheese platter.  I want to go back with Bob, but we haven't been back yet.  After our fun wine we met up with Bob, Jay, Patrick and Yoko at a local Shanghainese place and had some delicious dinner.  Patrick and Yoko always find the best little places for dinner.


That Sunday Jay, Staci and I went for brunch at Boxing Cat Brewery.  Bob had a bunch of work to do, and had a bad headache so he didn't join us for our adventure out.  We went to Boxing Cat and then headed over to PuDong to go to the Bottle Cap Opener Building, aka the Shanghai World Financial Center.  Jay and I had been to the building before at night but we wanted to take Staci so we went again.  It's a completely different experience going to the building during the middle of the day when the sun is out and going at night.  I had some serious vertigo when we went at night, it's scary.  The building is second tallest building in the word, and hosts the highest hotel in the world.




As much fun as we could possibly have was packed into the last few days Staci was in Shanghai.  We went back to the fabric market to pick up all our new awesome clothes, which are awesome.  Staci loves her new jacket, I'm about positive she's wearing it in SF as I type this.  Our shirts came out great, and her pants looked wonderful as well.  Jay broke down and got fitted for a jacket, which we were delighted about.  Now everyone has new sexy jackets.  We had Coco Curry because you can't not have Coco Curry when it's absolutely delish.  We pretty much just had a wonderful day that last Monday and finished it up with another great Pub Quiz.


For Staci's last full day we went to Taikong Lu, which I've written about before, it's the old factory area that's like a labyrinth and has lots of fun shops and cafes.  It was snowing/raining that day so it was definitely a Shanghai winter experience.  We were freezing our butts off but we had a good time.  We went for lunch at Kommune and then tinkered about in the shops.  We picked up some propaganda posters and tea sets.  We also went to a gigantic mall across the street from the labyrinth and we bought some matching travel bags.  After we had more than enough bags, and were weighed down by our all new goodies we headed home to get ready to go out for our yummy dinner.  I made reservations at House of Roosevelt for dinner.  It's a new restaurant that has opened up on the Bund, and is in the House of Roosevelt Club House that is owned by the Roosevelt family, yes the presidential  Roosevelts.  It was a delicous meal and we shared a nice bottle of wine.  The sommelier was very helpful and we had a bottle of  "Bad Boy."  He also gave us a tour of the amazing wine cellar and treated us to shots at the end of the night in their swanky lounge.  It was a great night, and a grand finish to Staci's stay in Shanghai.

The day Staci was set to leave we all went into the office together and worked in the morning.  And then for lunch we participate in doing a review for Big Macs and Merlot.  It's a fun blog, Staci started, about pairing fast food with affordable wine.  We enjoyed some Chinese fast food and cheap wine.  Jay went with Staci to the airport and returned alone.  I was sad to lose my playmate, but I'm excited to be seeing her again soon!

More is on the way, I'm sure you can't wait to read about all the fake designer bags I bought!

Loves and kisses,

Margaret and Bob


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