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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TOKYO TRIP!!! Part 1

I heart Tokyo. Bob and I just spent a week in Tokyo and we're currently in Beijing. We were in Tokyo for the Tokyo Game Show to see what's going on in the world of Gaming, and because we could. We got in on Saturday September 11th, and met up with Bob's friend Jason for dinner. We ate at an Izakaya (it's kind of like a Japanese Tapas place) with his wife and daughter. It was pretty good, there were fried cheese ball things, which were delicious and we had some sushi which of course was also very good. Jason lives on the outskirts of Tokyo in Kawasaki. After dinner we had the most amazing carmel pudding ever. It was sooooo creamy and delicious.

After dinner we headed back to our hotel in Shibuya. We stayed at a very nice hotel called the Cerulean Towers and had a really great view of Shibuya. The hotel was super convenient to the metro so we were able to get everywhere really easily.

On Sunday we took the metro over to Harajuku to see the girls who dress up in their CosPlay outfits and hang around the bridge near Yoyogi Park. It must have been too hot for them to be out because we only saw two girls. We thought perhaps we were in the wrong area so we ended up walking around the entire park, which was beautiful but it was such a sweltering day that we were super gross when we were done. We headed over to the main shopping street after our gross walk and did some shopping. I got an awesome t-shirt that looks like something I'd imagine a re-invisioned Mad Max would wear. I also got a super sweet belt/belt buckle (yes, for those of you who see my facebook updates, the infamous belt that stopped me at airport security) that looks like a revolver and is bejeweled. It goes wonderfully with my Mad Max t-shirt. I won't lie, I look kind of like a badass in the whole ensemble. We both picked up some t-shirts and Bob bought some cool shoes that lace up the sides. After our afternoon shop, we headed back to the hotel to get some work in and relax from the heat.

For dinner we had SUSHI BOAT!!!! We were soooo hungry we ate 18 baby plates of sushi between the two of us. We met up with Jameson and Katie (Jameson's wife) at a place they said was really good. There's a time limit for how long you can sit at the counter because the place is so popular. We had shrimp and eel and tuna and salmon and all kinds of yummy things. It was really good. We did some night wandering around Shibuya after dinner and got to experience all the lights and excitement.

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