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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!

It's been a whirl-wind of fun while Bob and I have been hosting Richard. We've been running around like crazy people and having such a good time that I've barely been in front of my computer other then for work.

Let's start with not yesterday, last Monday (August 30th). We decided to check out a local Belgian Bar called Kaiba. It's only 4 blocks away from the house, so it was nice and easy to get to. We thought we'd just have a couple of beers and then move on to somewhere else to get dinner, but that didn't happen. We ended up ordering a pizza from the bar. It was okay, not bad, but not good either. It was just something to go with our yummy beers. They did have quite a nice selection. We were also able to watch a Muay Thai class while we were enjoying our cool beverages out on the patio area, the people in the class looked miserable and sweaty. We decided that we could never take a class there because after each class we'd want to go to the bar. :P

Tuesday (August 31st) was the day I went to the Expo. Afterward Richard, Bob and I met up with Patrick and Sean from Shanda for dinner at Mesa Manifesto, in the French Concession. It's kind of an italian tapas bar. Patrick and Sean were hosting a guy who is looking to work as a designer for Shanda, he seemed pretty nice and was a snappy dresser. We had yummy little steak sandwiches and an anitpasta platter. Sadly there are no pictures because it was too dark. If you click on the name of the restaurant above, you can see the website for it. I really like Mesa Manifesto though, it's laid back and has a nice balcony patio area.

After dinner Richard, Bob and I went to a little bar around the corner called Goodfellas. Bob and I had stopped there before on another night, and the woman who runs the place is super nice, and it's very laid back so we've now returned a few times. Plus the drinks are cheap, at least I think they're cheap. Again, too dark for pictures, sorry.

Wednesday night was crazy! It was raining so hard there were flood warnings. Richard, Bob, Eric and I ordered in using Sherpa, and got Nepalese food, which is like Indian food with a few other things mixed in. Whenever we eat at home I always forget to take pictures. We all relaxed on the couch and watched Anchorman while it stormed outside. It was a very nice relaxing evening.

Thursday even was AWESOME! We went to a Hot Pot Place called Hai Di Lao. It was truly an amazing experience, I'm going to write all about it on the food blog, so check there for all the awesome pictures and if I can upload the video I took, I think you'll be impressed. It was definitely the best hot pot we've had in Shanghai. Absolutely delicious and the staff was amazing. The place was super clean, and they took wonderful care of us. Eric took care of all the ordering and it was delicious.

To be competely honest I'm starting to forget what we did. I believe it was Friday night that we were going to go on the Tiger Beer Bar Crawl. There's this awesome area in the French Concession called Datong Mill and it's just a big collection of bars and restaurants set up around a fake river going under a mini eiffel tower looking thing. There's lots of neon signs and lights. We ended up not participating in the Bar Crawl because the free beer they gave us was terrible, apparently we're beer snobs now. Anyway, we ended up going to a Bar called Departure. It's shaped like a giant airplane and all the wait staff are dressed like flight attendants. They gave me a flight attendant hat! I was pumped. Sadly it was really dark inside so I don't have a good picture of my hat.

After we gave up there we went to a place called Muse, which is a KTV which is a Karaoke club! It's different than a regular club though because you get a room and there are girls you can "rent" to hang out with you and sing songs. We got a room with Richard, Sean, Patrick, Patrick's girlfriend Yoko and a couple of Yoko's friends. We ordered the traditional going out drink "whiskey and green tea, mixed." It's actually a pretty good combination, I don't really like whisky but it was good. The music selection was kind of blah, and some of the songs didn't even have the right words, which was weird. But we had a good time and rolled home in the wee hours of the morning.

After our night of Karaoke we kind of took it easy the rest of the time Richard was in town. We did some light shopping around the touristy parts of Shanghai but we were on a mission to get something for Richard's sisters so I'll have to go back for more browsing opportunities.

I'm going to go ahead and skip some things so I can catch up on what's been going on.

Loves and kisses,
Margaret and Bob

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