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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New York - Again!

IMG 0492

Bob and I visited NYC again in June and had a wonderful time, per usual.  We also had an unforgettable time because we got to meet the President!  That's right, yours truly shook hands with Obama AND his awesome wife, Michelle. (That's right, I'm using her first name like we're BFFs.)  It was surreal to say the least, and something I will never ever forget. 

We only found out we were going to be hanging out with the President a couple of days before we left for New York, so of course we had to have a shopping day as soon as we arrived.  We obviously couldn't meet the President in our jeans, although I'm sure Bob wishes he could have.  We hit Lord and Taylor and for the first time in my life I used a Personal Shopper - it was awesome!  And I ended up with the best dress and sexiest shoes ever.  Needless to say, I felt super glamorous and cool.  I feel like it's important that I share that I specifically said that I didn't want a black dress.  (If I'd wanted a black dress I wouldn't have bought a new dress.)  Anyway, check us out in our sexy attire.

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I even had my hair and make-up done for our dinner with the President.  We figured we might as well go all-out because this was such an awesome event.  Our friend Holly hooked us up at VMV for my make-up, and I had my hair done at Platinum, the salon at the Hotel On Rivington.  Sadly the humidity killed my awesome wavy curls that I had.  I will admit that as awesome as my shoes look I probably should have gone with something easier to walk in.  I felt like Barbie in those shoes, I was practically on point.

Other than meeting the President, which was definitely one of the most amazing things ever, we pretty much just hung out in NYC and enjoyed friends and food.  We do love our friends and food.  We stayed in the Lower East Side, where we always like to stay.  Lots of little cafes, bars and places to eat plus super close to a bunch of different subway lines.  We stayed at the Hotel On Rivington, and it was great.  Very similar to a W Hotel, but the color scheme is red and black.  The decor is spartan, but comfortable and we ended up with a great room on the 19th floor with a huge balcony and gorgeous view of the city.  (Plus a gigantic soaking tub!)  We really liked this place, if you're heading to New York and you need a place to stay I would highly recommend this place.  Everyone was friendly, and the bed was really comfy.

IMG 0441

The amazing view from our balcony.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant on our first night, just because we were starving when we got in and didn't have to go searching for food.  The place is called Co-op and it was pretty good.  We hadn't expected a lot, and were pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed the food and cocktails.  It's Asian Fusion?  I have a question mark there because to be honest I'm not positive what that term even means.  All I know is that we had sushi, and sliders with fries, a hearts of palm salad, and Peking duck steamed buns.  I know, weird combination but we liked it.  The sushi we had was good, the sliders were yummy, but what really stood out was the hearts of palm salad.  The salad had: hearts of palm, asparagus, salsify, and jalapeño dressing, it was really really good.  Co-op also had a great cocktail list, we each tried a couple and were not disappointed.

I think my favorite day in this NY excision was the day we went to Williamsburg in Brooklyn to hang out with some of Bob's old friends.  We went to the Brooklyn Flea Market.  On Sundays they sell antiques and crafty things but on Saturday, the day we went, it was a food truck/stall gathering.  I ate so much food!  We spent the entire day lounging around at a little park near the river and eating food.  

IMG 0475IMG 0474IMG 0477

I had an Asia dog, with a strawberry rhubarb lemonade.  I split a passionfruit coco nib donut with Bob - omg delicious!  I had organic chocolate aztec ice cream.  And I got an amazing sun burn.  I stupidly didn't re-apply sunscreen.  Oh well.  Eventually we moved on to Enid's and had frozen harrisons.  I'm not positive of what exactly is in a frozen harrison but I can tell you they're delicious.  We pretty much snacked and drank our way through the day.  We ended up at Caracas Arepa Bar, and had a wonderfully delicious dinner.  It was a nice long day of fun and tom foolery. 

IMG 0512

My favorite find of all though, was San Marzano Pizzeria.  Bob and I had visited San Marzano on our last trip to New York, but had only stopped in for a beer.  This time we ended up eating there three times!  It's great thin crust pizza with an excellent selection of toppings, including our new personal favorite - Buffalo Chicken.  And they served you beer with a frosted mug.  (I'm a sucker for a frosted mug.)  You can read more about my love for San Marzano on BiCoastalBites.

IMG 0505

And of course no trip would be complete if we didn't eat a lobster!  We met up with Holly and Bernard at Professor Thom's for a lobster feast!  I only needed a little help cracking open the body of my lobster this time around.

Needless to say, we had an awesome time in New York and can't wait to go back again.  I'm thinking next time we need to stay longer.  

Stay tuned, Russia is coming up next!

Love and kisses,



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