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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The NYC Chronicles AKA Margaret's Birthday Celebration Continued

Bob was awesome, per usual and took me to New York for my birthday this year.  We specifically flew out to see Newsies on broadway, and it was great!  Everything I could hope for and more - go see it now!  We of course did other things, so here, in pictures is our visit to New York.

IMG 3006We arrive!  Driving into the city is so pretty.  (I know it's blurry, we were in a cab, give me a break.)

IMG 3015

 We enjoy a drink with Holly and Bernardo at Shervins Cafe.  It's small but cute and the bartender was nice.

IMG 3017

 After drinks we got lobster rolls at Luke's Lobster.  Soooo yummy!

IMG 3019

 The next day we met up with Rich, at his office downtown.  

IMG 3024

We ate at Hill Country BBQ and it was delicious!  How come NYC can managed do to BBQ right but SF is still working on it?

IMG 3034

I found a couch I want at an awesome salvage/vintage store.  Bob said I couldn't have it because it's ugly. (Okay, so maybe it was ugly AND it was in NYC.)

IMG 3036

 We enjoyed il laboratorio del gelato, they have butternut squash gelato and it is awesome!

IMG 3041

 Then we met up with Evan for delicious sushi at Jewel Bako.

IMG 3046

Great Jones Cafe, super yummy.  Our friend Evan suggest it.  The sweet potato fries are delish.


IMG 3048

 A view from the Chelsea High Line.

IMG 3051

Spooky experience on the NYC subway, it was totally empty! 

IMG 3053

 We rented bikes and rode around Central Park.

IMG 3062

 Enjoying a cool beverage at San Marzano.

IMG 3063

 Walking across the Williamsburg bridge.

IMG 3068

 Beautiful view of the city at sunset from the ferry.  We rode from Brooklyn to Manhattan. 

IMG 0005

 We went to see The Black Keys at Madison Square Garden, and there was a giant advertisement with David Beckham on it.  Crazy!

IMG 3070

 We celebrated my birthday lunch at Lombardi's.  So delicious.

IMG 3080

 We got dressed up all pretty so we could have my birthday dinner at Ma Peche, and then see Newsies!

IMG 3087

 We took the train to upstate New York to visit Rich and Viv's awesome home.

IMG 3100

 Bob and Rich bonding.

IMG 3101

 We felt like the Kennedy's at this amazing home out in the country.

IMG 3103

 Delicious french toast from Frankie's.

IMG 3108

 We went to the Momofuku Noodle Bar and I had the Kimchi Noodles.  They were absolutely amazing.  Really great flavor and a huge portion.

IMG 3110

 They dip the cones in different sprinkles and other toppings at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

IMG 3111

 I was so confused! As the Clash would say, "should I stay or should I go!?"

Overall it was a great trip.  We rented an AirBnB in Lower East Side and were able to really easily walk everywhere.  We had fun with awesome friends, and most importantly, I had a great 29th birthday.

Love and kisses,








  1. It's an apartment that is rented out by the owner. There's a site that has a whole bunch of them. It's nice because then you can stay in a real apartment for about the same cost as a hotel. AND you get more variety. :)