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Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's Do a Quick Wrap Up of My Life (In Pictures!)

Imagine the date and then imagine that this post isn't months late!

January 15: My Christmas Present!  Bob bought me an electronic piano for Christmas! It's awesome and I love it and play it all the time.  It sounds and feels like a real piano, I know, I picked it out myself.  (The piano does not sit in the middle of the living room, it has since moved to the bay window, and it looks great.  I can people watch and play the piano at the same time.)

IMG 2756

 January (Middle) - I start part-time at my new gig that I've lined up for after I have finished at Mochi.  You may have heard of a little company called simplehoney.  We're pretty awesome: (guess which one is me!)

IMG 2774

 February 1st - My peacock hair had faded back to platinum and it was time for a new color:

BAM! Foxy turquoise! Thank you Anthony at GingerRubio!

IMG 2780

IMG 2786













 February - President's Weekend! My friends Holly and Mary come to visit and we: eat, visit Alcatraz, eat, go wine tasting, eat, and then eat some more.  Because that's what we do!

IMG 2831

Holly and Mary at Ram's Gate Winery.  And Shad and Maggie! (Also at Ram's Gate)

IMG 2834

IMG 2835







 Holly was not excited about Sidewalk Juice in San Francisco.  Her face pretty much describes how it tasted.  (Honestly, who orders a green drink!?)

IMG 2839

 February 25th - While working on Flash Gaming Summit stuff for Mochi I tried to cut off my finger.  (Okay, I didn't try, but I did slice it really good, I'm talking gushing.)  It looked like the Joker from Batman. It's heeled up real nice, but it hurt for a very long time.

IMG 2863

March 4th - My last day at Mochi.  I worked from 7am until 6pm at Flash Gaming Summit.  It was a long day.  I did get to meet some awesome dudes, Antonio and Ben of Playtomic.  Bob and I took them to dinner, and Antonio is coming back to play some time this summer.  I don't have any pictures from my last day.  Suzanne and John (from Mochi) were really awesome and blew up a whole bunch of balloons and tied them to my chair at work.  Thank you Zan and John!

Later in March - I started to learn how to use Instagram for work.  Apologies to everyone who got multiple pictures of the same thing twice, I was in learning mode.  I have since mastered Instagram.As you can tell, I enjoy the antique setting.  There's Ramsey looking forlornly at me, and to the right is San Francisco as seen from the simple honey office.

IMG 2885

IMG 2887










March 9th - Melinda comes to visit!  Hoorays, Lou is here and we're going to eat and shop!  

We ate at Tartine, first time I'd had lunch there.  The sammichs are huge!  I swear we each only ate 1/3 of our food, we had to take the rest home.

IMG 2904

 Melinda picked out an awesome dress at Sway, in Noe Valley. (I know, I'm using Instagram again.)

IMG 2913

We drank our faces off all over San Francisco with Bob and my friend Rachel.  (We needed a Rachel as our sister was not there to complete us.)  There was a photo booth to help document the night.  Yes, that is a picture of pictures.  i don't care, I like it.


IMG 2936

Bob and I took Melinda on her first wine tasting adventure.  We stopped for a nice tourist shot with the Golden Gate Bridge.  Yes, I know you can't see us very well.  I still like the picture. 


IMG 2941

We took Melinda to Beni-hana in Japan Town.  (She's big in Japan.)

IMG 0002

We ended Melinda's trip to San Francisco with a visit to Delfina Pizzeria, because well, it's delicious.

IMG 2958


And now, you're all caught up with what I've been doing!  I am making time to make sure that going forward this blog will be more up to date.  (If you'd like to catch up on the rest of March, check out Naked in LA for My Birthday)

Love and kisses,


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