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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween!! (Mochi and at Home)

I love Halloween, I think I might like it more than any other holiday.  I made sure to get the most out of October this year by wearing a little bit of a costume pretty much every day.  With the amazing assistance of Suzanne, from Mochi, I had a great collection of Halloween headbands to use for my every day awesomeness.  I had two Halloween costumes this year, one for the office and one for our Halloween party.

Mochi Halloween -

Dressing up was mandatory to participate in the office party.  I really wasn't going to let anyone have any of our treats/drinks if they didn't at least have a Halloween headband or mask on.  We had yummy snacks and ice cream sammichs along with more booze than we could consume.  I think it went quite well, take a look for yourself:






We also decorated pumpkins at the office, and got to see a little bit of everyone's creative side:

IMG 2484

Overall I think the office liked Suzanne's and my crazy love for Halloween.

I really wanted to post pictures of all the awesome decorations we put up at the house for our Under Water Themed Halloween Party, but it was just too dark to take good pictures.  We hung navy blue fabric all over the walls, and then created waves with blue tulle and put fish up everywhere!  We inserted blue gel lights in all the ceiling lights, and in our tv room we had 8 black licks, with white fish all over the wall and a bubble machine that created uv/glowing bubbles.  I was quite pleased.

We made two different kinds of punch for the party that were a huge hit.  We had "Blood in the Water" - hawaiian punch, 7up and rum, "Electric Eel Lemonade" - lemonade, blueberries and vodka and then a bunch of beer.  (And water so people could hydrate.)  It was a great night and we had people relaxing outside on the back patio until almost 11:30pm.  We used our heat lamp and it was soooo comfortable outside.

I only have a couple of pictures from the party, again, because it was so dark:



Thank you so much to Adam and Eric for throwing such an awesome party.  It was amazing, I can hardly wait for next year!


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