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Thursday, August 26, 2010

When lazy, order in!

Bob and I have been enjoying the rainy evenings in Shanghai, mostly because it makes things cooler for at least a little while, but we certainly don't want to be out in the rain. Yeh, we're lame like that. So instead of braving the rain we've been using the most awesome food delivery service in Shanghai, it's called Sherpa! (You can check out their website here: They have lots of different restaurants that you can order in from, featuring a wide variety of cuisines. This evening while it was storming like crazy we ordered in some of the best gourmet burgers ever! I mean, even better than I think I've had in the US.

We ordered from a place called Gourmet Cafe. And of course we ordered after thinking about it for a long while, so by the time the food actually got here we scarfed it down with out me taking a picture, but don't worry, I'm sure we'll order from there again and then there will be a Food Blog post. It was that good. Bob had a burger that was rolled in peppercorns which was pretty amazing. It also had chedder cheese and crispy bacon. I had a burger with blue cheese, bacon and jalapenos. We also were little piggies and ordered Milkshakes! I had an apple strudel milkshake, which was AMAZING! And Bob had a chocolate coffee kahlua milkshake. I thought mine was better, it tasted just like a real apple strudel. And to top everything off we had sweet potato wedges. I'm telling you this food was amazing.

We enjoyed our meal while watching some of Battle Star Galactica. We "purchased" the series the other evening while we were in Gubei, the Korean area of Shanghai. Bob's already seen the series but I haven't, so we have 4 fun filled seasons to watch. So far I'm liking it, and I'm kinda glad that I didn't see it while it was actually airing, because now I can watch it whenever I want! Woot!

All right, it's getting close to our bedtime so I think I'll start getting ready.

Loves and kisses,


  1. Those burgers sound delicious. How much does a meal like that cost in Shanghai?


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  3. It was about $45US. That included the delivery fee, two burgers, salad, onion rings, sweet potato wedges, dipping sauces and 2 milkshakes, one with alcohol in it. :) So not cheap, but it was definitely worth it!