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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The December 2012 NYC Trip

Right after Thanksgiving, and the crazy wine trip in November, Bob and I headed out to NYC for two whole weeks!  We ate our faces off, wandered about like tourists, saw a Broadway show and participated in abstract theater.  Here's our NYC trip, in pictures:

IMG 2227

We stayed in Brooklyn the first week and walked to DUMBO to see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.

IMG 2242

We bought matching furry hats at Brooklyn Industries because it was soooo cold!

IMG 2251

We discovered that Downtown Brooklyn is deserted after about 8pm.

IMG 2256

We played "tourist" in Times Square.

IMG 2263

I made friends with a giant nutcracker.

IMG 2278

We bought an awesome Margaret Morrison painting, called "Encounter."

IMG 2274

We went to the Brooklyn Flea Market.

IMG 2280

We visited the Wired store in SoHo.

IMG 2290

We attended a special fundraiser reading of the musical "Assassins." (w/ NPH)

IMG 2297

We visited the 911 Memorial, and it was beautiful.

IMG 2306

We rode the subway all over the place!

IMG 2322

We saw the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree.

IMG 2310

We participated in the interactive theater show "Sleep No More." (Super awesome!)

IMG 2314

We walked from Tribeca to the Theater District and saw the Empire State Building fogged in!

We had an absolutely wonderful time, despite it being super duper cold.  I'll have to put together a collection of the restaurants we visited and post them on BiCoastalBites.

Love and kisses,


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