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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exercising Like Fools and Other Misadventures

I am the proud owner of the cutest bike in the world.  Bob bought me an awesome black cruiser that I have been riding to and from work every day for the last month.  (We got the bikes on April 13th.)  My bike has a sexy basket on the front, and I have pink lights for when I'm riding at night.  My helmet is also really cute because it's skateboarder style, and has the GitHub Octocat on the back.  There is also a little bell that will sometimes ring on it's own if I go over a particularly bumpy road.  As someone who has never really ridden a bike on a regular basis, and has never ridden a bike on the street with cars, I have to say it's much easier than I ever would have thought, especially in San Francisco.  I'm actually less afraid of being hit by a car than I am of a pedestrian walking out in front of me.  For some reason pedestrians look right through bikers and insist on crossing the street at weird and inopportune times.  So far I have managed to not hit any pedestrians.  (knock on wood)  Bob also got a new bike because his other two bikes are in storage, and well, he likes bikes.  I'm investigating getting cute little furry cat ears with LED lights in them for the top of my helmet.  :)

IMG 1682

IMG 1683









For other fun news, Bob and I are now taking Krav Maga and it's pretty rad.  Amanda, from Mochi, found a place in SF that offered a free three day trial, so Amanda, Emma, Bob and I went to check it out and immediately fell in love with attacking each other.  It's so much fun, and such a great work out.  We've only been going for two weeks but we really like it and got memberships to continue learning to defend ourselves against each other.   We both have sustained war wounds from the classes, which are actually results of holding the pads for people to hit, and not from actual combat.  I managed to split two of my fingernails from clenching my fists and hitting the pads so much.  I immediately went and had the nails removed so I could continue having fun.  (Below you can see Bob's injury, my arm injury and my split nails.)

IMG 1789

IMG 1790

IMG 1792

I've also changed my crazy hair color.  It has now seen the following progression:

IMG 1542

IMG 1713IMG 1750

I actually really liked the way the purple faded out to white, it was pretty rockin'.  The fire look has since faded and I'm now sporting a kind of peachy orange color, it's cute and will look really cute with the new summer dress I just bought for a wedding.


The wedding we went to was EPIC.  Mr. Shen (Alexander) married his lovely gal Josie, and it was one of the best wedding I've ever attended.  The bride and groom put so much work into this wedding to add little pieces of themselves to every aspect of the day.  Josie made all the party favors, lovely little yellow ceramic vases, each one unique because she actually made them.  Just as an example, of how much thought and time they put into this wedding, you can check out Alexander's website for the wedding.

As something extra fun, a bunch of us from the Mochi office got together and got a limo.  We were able to have fun the whole night and no one had to be the designated driver, we showed up in style.

IMG 1855

IMG 1852

IMG 1856

And the cute party favors - guess which table we sat at.  And the back of the cute table cards.

IMG 1860IMG 1862










In other big and exciting news, we finally moved into our condo!  Hooray, the wait is over!  We've gone from boxes everywhere, to looking like our storage unit exploded, and now we're in the, "why are there piles of things in all the rooms," phase.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that I now have a place for all my lovely shoes.

IMG 1871

We did have a minor incident in the condo the other evening, that you've likely already heard/read about, but just in case, you can read about how I started a kitchen fire in my prior blog post.  Sadly there are no pictures of the actual fire, but there is a picture of the after math.  (No one was injured, and nothing was lost in the great kitchen fire of 2011.)

And as a final note for this post, I made pancakes for dinner tonight, they weren't great, but they were decent.  Next time I won't make them with bisquick, I'll make them from scratch.  There will be a BiCoastalBites post about the pancakes shortly.

Loves and kisses,


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